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 Youngster Of The Week

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Tifa Lockhart
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Tifa Lockhart

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PostSubject: Youngster Of The Week   Youngster Of The Week Icon_minitime19th May 2008, 22:51

Anything you want to know about Character Of The Week will be here

. . . I should have pay some attention at the new posts. Sorry Yuki-chan. ^_^;

I discussed the idea with Kunima a few days ago, and delayed until today. =P Because I struggle about Spam Board and COTW.

Alright, this week's title is Youngster, something related to Youth. The character is related to games of course and please pay some attention,

- around 5-25 years old, I believe every characters do have their own profiles, right?
- Children is allowed
- Single (not married), In love? sure that would be fine.
- Just young. That's why it called 'Youngster'
- [Tifa says] make sure he/she's not ugly. LoL

THIS TIME, please DON'T vote in the post or I will charge you a ban for a week. It's sure nice, doesn't it?

Rules & Conditions
- Supply the character's names and game title as usual
- No need to supply pictures.
- Voting day is 26th May -> 1st June.
- Status : Poll's guardian is Bloody Mary. Watch out.


Extra : Friday (23th May) will be a fun day. Remember to visit GG on Friday!

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GG Graphic Admin

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PostSubject: Re: Youngster Of The Week   Youngster Of The Week Icon_minitime27th May 2008, 19:39

oh yaay! <3 *random*


{Tifa says} Sandera will be making the Youngster header. Surprise!


Youngster Of The Week Perfume_banner_1

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Youngster Of The Week
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