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 Gaming Cheats,Hints & FAQs Department(SPOILERS!)

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PostSubject: Gaming Cheats,Hints & FAQs Department(SPOILERS!)   Gaming Cheats,Hints & FAQs Department(SPOILERS!) Icon_minitime2nd June 2008, 14:17

Save your prayers, my friends. We are here to help you. Unless you're not afraid of SPOILERS.

If you're having nice game hints,cheats and FAQs, feel free to share it here. I know there's something call GameFaqs(Walkthrough) outside there, it's depend if you want to request here or find it outside.

. . . If you're an expert gamer, here's the place you share infos with other gamers. Trade some helps.

[WARNING] Before you proceed request for help or posting HELPS, please supply links only. If you're asking for small help, e.g. "I don't know how to defeat Needle Woman(Fatal Frame 3), what's the method to ditch her?" , please state everything such as place, stage(depends what game it is) and other.

- If you have the game's walkthrough from magazine scans, Gaming Cheats,Hints & FAQs Department(SPOILERS!) 356565 share them with us. Especially scanlation from Famitsu magazines.

- [BIG WARNING] Last word! THIS TOPIC SERIOUSLY CONTAIN A LOT OF SPOILERS!!!. If you don't want spoilers, please proceed here.

Alright, I finished my worthless speech. Please start sharing infos,walkthroughs,cheats and hints under my post.


My personal worthless help. . Gaming Cheats,Hints & FAQs Department(SPOILERS!) 969141

I bought an old Weekly Famitsu HongKong magazine today(=.=; it's last year's issue) and found out a very nice map. These are my scanlations, and I translated it badly. =P

Scanlation of Resident Evil : Umbrella Chronicles Map
- Page 1 https://redcdn.net/ihimizer/img134/1084/reucmap1rk2.png
- Page 2 https://redcdn.net/ihimizer/img134/5157/reucmap2nd8.png

Please be patient x__x the scans sizes pretty big. .
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Gaming Cheats,Hints & FAQs Department(SPOILERS!)
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