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 Rules For Avatars, Signatures & FC Banners

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PostSubject: Rules For Avatars, Signatures & FC Banners   23rd September 2008, 15:20

Please follow the following rules for avatars, signatures and FC banners:


- Your Avatar must be within the size limit of 150x150p/inch.


- You are allowed to have 1 signature with size limit of 450x150p/inch.
- If you are using avatars as a signature, only 2 are allowed.


Some people are not on fast broadband like you and pages will take longer to open....have some consideration please... You can make a really long animation with less than 1Mb depends on how many colours you are using. If you need some tutorial don't be afraid to ask...

FC Banners:

- You are allowed to have 3 FC Banners with the size limit of 200x50p/inch.

- Please do not add more than 5 lines of text anywhere inbetween your signatures/FC Banners.

- If you're adding more than one FC banner under your sig,please put them all in a spoiler tag,for example

Quote :

I <3 Panic!
My FCs :

*Or if you want to compile all your FC banners,do visit here and do a request.

The most important of all... Please make sure the total size of all the graphic files you have (Signatures/FC Banners/Avatars) do not go beyond 1Mb. That's plenty...

If you need any help in re-sizing your images, just send me or other GG staffs a pm.

You can also request for new avatars and/or signatures here.

Have fun posting!
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Rules For Avatars, Signatures & FC Banners
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