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 Realm of Darkness

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PostSubject: Realm of Darkness   20th November 2008, 17:12

Alright name's Ruki and I'm pretty much the only dude on the team lol, be nice to me ladies.
My passion in life is making my lady happy, corny I know but hey she rocks my world. I'm also trying to become a novelist but if not a reporter would be just as awesome. I'm an artist in disguise lol but I'm to judgemental of my work that I never do that many and rarely do anything.
I'm part of a musical family, so I'm practising to play the guitar since my dad's dream is for his sons to play in the band with him.
Alway's liked to think of myself as a bit of a badass you know but in the lovely word's of my gf I'm more of a 'perv' then a badass.
I'm pretty moody if you get on the wrong side of me but I'm also easy going, I never lie and I'm brutually honest at best, so yeh you can either love me or loath me.
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Realm of Darkness
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