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 Active Members! We Need You! Event

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Tifa Lockhart
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Tifa Lockhart

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PostSubject: Active Members! We Need You! Event   4th June 2009, 23:49

Just because we never have a real GG event, and non-related reason is I'm hunger for your face(no matter how beautiful or ugly it is), I had planned this small event.

It's the 'HAIYAK' ninja time! Being a gamer, I think you already knew those mischievous characters especially warlords and fighters, and who never know a ninja?

There are no time limit, so if you noticed this topic(and came in and saw it), you are ADVICED to post up your pictures in the Picture Section.

If you have a creative mind, please do decorate your picture with nice Katana, some hand-made paper shurikens or anything else you think it's suit your Ninja! Please don't hurt yourself if you're holding the real 'stuff'.

. . . Not planning to post and ignore it all the way? You have saddened me. Never mind, it's not a MUST, but I really hope you do it.

Hope y'all have a nice day! Surprise!

p/s : as for the one have visit my LJ, yep that was me practicing to be a Ninja.
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PostSubject: Re: Active Members! We Need You! Event   5th June 2009, 05:54

*goes to take an awesome picture*



I want Martin Johnson PLZ <3
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Azura Jin
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Azura Jin

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PostSubject: Re: Active Members! We Need You! Event   5th June 2009, 14:42

O_O I can't really do it.... D:
It's just my mom and my sister (one of the twins). You know, long story T_T

But maybe when I possibly have something in mind other than that, I think I may post it here...

Is it okay? Just other than a ninja for this picture... ><;;
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PostSubject: Re: Active Members! We Need You! Event   

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Active Members! We Need You! Event
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