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 Dead Fantasy

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PostSubject: Dead Fantasy   Dead Fantasy Icon_minitime11th June 2009, 18:40

Umm I thought there was a topic of Dead Fantasy here, and I searched it, so there were none o_o

Here's Dead Fantasy I and II released last year.



III, IV and V is out, but they're incomplete, and Monty Oum will complete this in an addition of 8 minutes at Anime Expo LA which is dated July 2-5.

According to his journal in deviantart, they are "missing minor scenes" and he will be making VI, VII, VIII and G.

Spoilers! :O


It's gonna be awesome :)

It might be a long way! Having 4 more episodes to the series! O_O
But soon, we'll see ^^

You can find him in deviantart and also myspace =D

Note, if you were thinking that III is Rikku vs. Ayane, then that is right, but it won't be included since Monty Oum said that these episodes are minor missing scenes.
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Dead Fantasy
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