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 What are you skills?

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PostSubject: What are you skills?   25th August 2009, 16:52

Just thought of it, what are the things that you're good at...whether it's useless or not...

Mine are...

Embalming, dressing & chatting up dead people (yeah...everyday)
Looking innocent when needed...
Being able to sleep absolutely anywhere and anytime...
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PostSubject: Re: What are you skills?   25th August 2009, 17:01

lol mine? mmmm :3

I can draw~
I can make people happy? :3
I can do anything without thinking of the consequences.
I can sing 8D
I can make people annoyed~
I can eat for like 24/7 ! I'm your food recycle bin :'D

lol that's it I think~


I want Martin Johnson PLZ <3
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PostSubject: Re: What are you skills?   26th August 2009, 02:52

Hmm nice topic.

Can draw (though I'm a self critic)
I'm a writer and can produce novels, short stories, poetry, fanfiction (Which I should be writing some of those now! *nervous laugh then runs off*)
I can pwn RE 5 (My favourite game!!)
Am meant to be learning how to play a guitar but I always put it off.
Am a perv and a bad boy *smirks*
Am so into cars that I have many mags and books about how they run.
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PostSubject: Re: What are you skills?   26th August 2009, 10:33

Lets see:

1. I can sing.
2. I can use photshop.
3. I can draw.
4. I am really good with games (computer and video).
5. I rock at cooking food.
6. I make people laugh lots.



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Azura Jin
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PostSubject: Re: What are you skills?   5th September 2009, 18:35


Photo editing (Photoshop, etc)

Video editing

Write - stories and songs

Playing guitar and videogames

Being able to write easy numbers fast in whatever math it is. (yes, multiplication and division. Complex fraction and everything. Lol.) - come on, of course. I was able to solve everything about functions when I was in second year and when I'm the only one who got fast in finishing the seatwork, my teacher gave me an extra 5 points! I felt so excited with joy! =D

I can run really fast... Not super fast... Something like in PE... Not in olympics... Lol... XD

Memorize the tune of the songs~ 8'D
So I still can easily listen to the songs in my mind... Only if I have memorized them... When I don't have anything like pc or cellphone... I usually do that in school often. X'3

Hmmm... What else...
Uhm... Is that all? :O
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PostSubject: Re: What are you skills?   9th September 2009, 11:28

Lots to list. :D May I skip?
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PostSubject: Re: What are you skills?   10th September 2009, 22:04

^ NO! Evil Glare

nyaa~~ =3

-i can draw
-i can make people laugh
-i can create a deadly aura
-i can play with graphics
-i can play adventure and horror games
-i can watch a comedy w/o laughing if you want me to
-i can love my friends lol
-i can sing
-i can be sarcastic or maybe over-sarcastic >.>
-i can be a poison-tongued girl
-i can do maths xD
-i can write informal poems
-i can counsel my friends
-i can type at my phone w/o looking rofl
-i can cry easily HAHA


-i can change myself unexpectedly, from bad to good, good to bad, going all clever, then stupid then normal. wtfrog

So, dont mind if there's something wrong with me being all weirdo or idiot at a certain time.
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PostSubject: Re: What are you skills?   

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What are you skills?
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