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 Prelude of Tifa

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Tifa Lockhart
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PostSubject: Prelude of Tifa   27th April 2008, 13:00

Clever My name is Tifa.
16 years old this year. I'm an Asian! Fear me! Even Sephiroth do so.

I addicted of video games, that's why I'm here. I also addicted to Tifa Lockhart and Genesis Rhapsodos, since the launch of Crisis Core.

Genesis Rhapsodos : ( he's the CGI character of Gackt! *drools* )

Besides of addicted to video games, I also earned myself a name in school that is 'Queen of Otaku', who loves games, animation and manga.

Sleepy I'm far more lazy than Kunima, but I love to punish people like your school's dicipline teacher. So beware. Honestly, I darn busybody, I even risk my life to get an awesome moment! =.= Don't call me a freak because of that.

Pheww... at last, thank you all for reading my cheap intro.

Let's BUMP Tifa Lockhart at her LiveJournal!!!
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Prelude of Tifa
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