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 A Small Reminder

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PostSubject: A Small Reminder   A Small Reminder Icon_minitime25th April 2008, 02:15

Hey, GG Gamers!

Here's a small reminder, sometimes when you try to enter to GG's forum, suddenly can't enter here and saw something showing 'Cannot find server'. Don't be panic, ok?

All you got to do is, wait. Try to browse to other sites, play or read something nice. After a few minutes, try to browse back to GG forum. If still can't, try tomorrow. If tomorrow also can't, consult any GG's admins or members. They will help you with the problems you're having.

Why you're having this kind of problem?
- Your internet connection (LAN or wireless) probably running slow or busy.
- The website server is busy or having problems.
- etc.

This problem rarely happens to you all, but who knows it will happens again?

Good Luck!
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A Small Reminder
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