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 The monster of the Forum! 8'DD

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GG Graphic Admin
GG Graphic Admin

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PostSubject: The monster of the Forum! 8'DD   30th April 2008, 00:12

Well hello there! Surprise!

my name is Sandera, or Sandra (Sandra is my real name but my nickname is sandera! ~) you have to call me sandera . . because I hate my real name. *lol*

I'm the graphic admin ( I fix the skin and other fun stuff) I do actaully make graphic, but they don't look so nice @__@ I need to practise more.

I live in sweden, and I go in a school called Tessin. I go my first year ( my first of three years ) I study art ( Design, photoshop . . etc ) Anyway, boring . . I have animals and I have a family. yaay for me! 8D

I'm a kind of lazy ( VERY LAZY ) girl. I have red hair, I'm fat ( YAAY for fatness), I love to draw, I'm kind, I never get angry and I . . not normal. . as in I like hentai, I love horror movies more then anything, I love to say . . fuck . . and I have a whole WALL FULL WITH MOVIES!!

lol on me! X'DD

Anyway, I'm kind and messed up. But don't be afraid! n_n I don't bite<3

-- Sandera n___n <3
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The monster of the Forum! 8'DD
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