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 Early videogame stories

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Azura Jin
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Azura Jin

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PostSubject: Early videogame stories   2nd May 2008, 16:18

Share with us your gaming stories of how you came to know it! But just when you were young. I prefer to read only 2, and not more than 2. You can tell your most favorite.

Mine is:

Final Fantasy

It was when my mom bought FF8 cd from the USA. She gave it to my brother, and we were in grade 2. We became more interested in Final Fantasy.

Devil May Cry

How I came to know it was the first prequel, DMC1. I saw it on the tv where my cable has a channel that has games. I can watch games on the tv, the game shows and etc. When I saw DMC1, I still liked it, and I tried to get to know more about it. That's when I know DMC. I was... Maybe also in grade 2.
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Tifa Lockhart
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Tifa Lockhart

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PostSubject: Re: Early videogame stories   2nd May 2008, 16:55

aah! You will think I am a real failed video gamer if you know me very well.

Honestly, when I firstly get my PS2 (around year 2001-2002), I never wanted to play it.
I thought video games just ruined children's minds, and causes the failing to get good grades.
I started to love PS2 while I was 12, when I choose the following videogames.

Final Fantasy X
It's a very brain-using challenging game especially the strategy part(I don't know how to use attack,defend and magic etc. ) This is the game which cause me sitting in front of the TV for 5-6 hours. Broke my own record.

Dynasty Warriors 3 & 5
A valuable game for me to lose my stress.

Fatal Frame 2
THE VERY FIRST horror game I completed. (sadly now I still haven't finish FF1 for some reasons)

Well, story still continues until I joined into GG with Rei's recommendation. <3
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PostSubject: Re: Early videogame stories   2nd May 2008, 18:59

okay there are two consoles i use to play games that is 1st. PC and 2nd. PS2

my first favourite game ever that still stays in my heart and soul XD

The Legend of Zelda : Ocarina Of Time *Nintendo64/PC*

at first i just watch how my sister played this game,from the woods to the desert,from the lake to the graveyard,it was so awesome~ till my sister completed the game,i then tried playing it and the only thought i have after playing it is "I'M GLAD I PLAYED THIS GAME AND THIS IS THE BEST PC GAME EVER!!!!!" hehe~till now those phrase never dissapear from my thought n___n

Fatal Frame III : The Tormented *PSII*

how i came to know it? well,this is the 2nd game i've completed after obtaining the PS2.i'm a horror-genre lover,i love all things that has horrors in it including movies and games n___n since i'm in the 11th year,i kept on dreaming to play one of the fatal frame series.

then when i finally got one,i ask the guy who sold the game for the best series in Fatal Frame~so he said the 3rd one,so i started playing it n___n then the 2nd one, and now the 1st one *in the process of completing it~*

i babble too much XD excuse me~
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Princess Yuki
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Princess Yuki

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PostSubject: Re: Early videogame stories   4th May 2008, 10:18

Final Fantasy ix

well, when i first got my hands on PS, of coz i want the latest game~
then, i ask the shopkeeper at that tyme & he said this is the latest, coolest game ever.He hand over the final fantasy ix Hehe

Resident Evil

I got this game for free ~
my father brought PS at Kedah & the shopkeeper ask my dad to choose 10 games
& he chose RE too !
FYI this is the first horror - survival game i played !
i cant believe i was soooo scared of those RE zombies


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PostSubject: Re: Early videogame stories   

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Early videogame stories
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