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PostSubject: Baroque   6th May 2008, 14:05

Baroque's story takes place following a world-altering cataclysm called the Blaze that took place on May 14, 2032. The world, now existing in a twisted state, is populated by Meta-Beings, creatures that were once human but that have lost their hearts and minds to the Baroques inside them. The player's goal is to reach the bottom of the Neuro Tower, the former home of the Order of Malkuth, a religious organization seeking to save God. At the beginning of the game, the protagonist is told that by purifying the Meta-Beings within the tower and reaching the bottom floor, he will find redemption for sins committed that he cannot remember.
official web

by Atlus, RPG-survival horror

looks nice
another RPG game that i want

#available in WII and Ps2
#Rating T for teen


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