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 Persona3 -FES-

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Princess Yuki
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Princess Yuki

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PostSubject: Persona3 -FES-   Persona3 -FES- Icon_minitime6th May 2008, 14:11

FES Plot

One month after the events of Persona 3, the remaining members of SEES are still distraught of the terrible news that had struck them. The Main Character, who had fallen into a coma, has recently died. And to make the matters worse, the dorm will be closed down. As everyone is prepared to leave, Mitsuru has arranged a farewell party. With Yukari and Akihiko absent ,the remaining SEES members, including Aigis, celebrate the party together. However, for some unknown reason, the date on television and everyone's cell phones is still March 31st 2010.
i really want my hands on this game !!!!


official web

for ps2

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Persona3 -FES- Sig-2

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PostSubject: Re: Persona3 -FES-   Persona3 -FES- Icon_minitime6th May 2008, 19:02

yaaaaaaaay for the Ps2!!!
I want to see you play it,Yuki!!

Sanada Fans UNITEEEEE!! Coming Coming

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Persona3 -FES- Martin
I want Martin Johnson PLZ <3
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Persona3 -FES-
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